Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun - 14x11x18 cm

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  • Product Weight: 1.120 kg
  • Product Material: Coloured Polyester with alabaster effect Gilded with Gold Leaf Paper
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH): 14x11x18 cm
  • Colour: Gold

This alabaster canopic chest of Tutankhamun is considered to be one of the finest masterpieces of King Tut’s collection. The interior of the chest is divided into four compartments, each with a cylindrical hollow covered by a lid elegantly carved in the form of the king’s head that contained the four canopic miniature coffins.

Each of the four compartments of the canopic chest held a miniature coffin. They stood upright in their cylindrical compartments. Each was almost glued to the bottom owing to the hardening of the unguents that had been poured in as part of the ritual.

During the mummification process, Egyptian embalmers carefully removed the lungs, liver, intestines and stomach from the body, embalmed the organs, and placed them in the Canopic jars. The final resting place for King Tut’s organs was one of the most exquisite objects in the entire tomb.

Facts About The Canopic Shrine :

  • The Canopic Shrine was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 in the tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62) in the Valley of the Kings.
  • The shrine is covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions, including spells from the “Book of the Dead.”
  • The shrine is made of gilded wood, adorned with semiprecious stones and inlays.
  • The shrine is surrounded by four protective deities: Isis, Nephthys, Selket, and Neith.
  • Inside the shrine were four alabaster canopic jars, each containing one of Tutankhamun's mummified organs.
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