Statue of Tutankhamun on Leopard

Statue of Tutankhamun on Leopard

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Dimension L : 85.00 W : 20.00 H : 70.00 CM

Product Description

Tutankhamun was the antepenultimate pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. He ascended to kingship as a child ruler around the age of 9 and reigned until his death around age 19.

This statue is one of a pair featuring King Tutankhamun on the back of a leopard. The king is shown standing with his left leg forward on a rectangular pedestal fixed to the back of the leopard.

He holds a long staff in one hand and the flail in the other. The king is wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt with a cobra on his forehead and a large collar that covers his chest and shoulders and terminates with a row of drop beads.

A tight-fitting loincloth tied at the front and incised with fine lines covers his lower body. He is wearing sandals.

The exaggeration of the king's features shows the influence of the Amarna style of art.

Product Specification:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Colouring : Coloured
  • Length : 85 cm
  • Width : 20 cm
  • Height : 70 cm
  • Weight : 11.765 kg

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