Greywacke Triade Statue of Menkaure

Greywacke Triade Statue of Menkaure

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Dimension L : 88.00 W : 55.00 H : 41.00 CM

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Product Specification :Menkaure is the King for whom the smallest of the three pyramids of Giza was built.We are now in front of his Trinity, and it is called this way due to it containing 3 main personages. Here the King is illustrated as not only the King, but as a god and ruler of Egypt.In every triad we find the king accompanied by the goddess Hathor, as well as another deity representing one of the regions of Egypt. The King is here represented in an active position known as the military stand.This triad was carved on greywacke stone, which is one of the hardest rocks and most difficult to carve on. Nonetheless, the ancient Egyptian artisTriad Statue of King Menkaure The famous sculpted triad depicting King Menkaure wearing the royal crown and false beard between two ladies; The goddess Hathor and the goddess of region of Upper Egypt.t managed to create a truly magnificent masterpiece whose brilliance dazzles all those who gaze upon it.  In this triad we find the king in the middle, wearing the crown of Upper Egypt and the false beard, as well as the Shendyt kilt.His royal cartouche is in the middle of his waist belt, and we also find the king holding a scroll of legitimacy in his hand.Next to the king is the goddess Hathor in the human figure, and on top of her head, and between her horns, one can admire the is the sun disk representing the god Ra.In this representation, the goddess Hathor wears a fitted see-through dress.In addition, we find another regional goddess.  This goddess represents the 17th nome of Upper Egypt. This nome (or governorate) represents the current Assiut governorate, thus demonstrating the sacredness of this region in ancient times as well. This goddess of the 17th nome is also seen here, alongside the goddess Hathor, embracing the king by placing their arms around him.This beautiful work of art was discovered in 1908 in the Valley Temple in Menkaure.It is believed that there were a total of eight of these statues in the Valley Temple of the King, however only five were found in the eight corridors of the temple.  It was believed that they were placed in every region of Egypt, but this is an assumption.All five were found in good condition, except for one completely destroyed and the other nearly intact.There are now three of them in the Egyptian Museum and two in Boston.

Material : Polyester

Colouring : Coloured

Dimensions : 88 cm is high

The width is 53 cm

Weight : 15 k.g

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