Isis Maat Bronze - Small Size

Isis Maat Bronze - Small Size

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Dimension L : 26.00 W : 6.00 H : 6.00 CM

Product Description

The goddess Maat, the goddess of truth, justice and order in the universe, is represented in the form of a woman whose head is surmounted by an ostrich feather, the symbol of justice. As in this representation, we often find her holding the key to life (Ankh) in one hand and holding the scepter of dominion in her other hand. Sometimes the feather symbolizes the goddess of truth and justice.

The name Maat is read in this list from left to right, unlike what the ancient Egyptian writer used to write, as he used to write from right to left. The goddess Maat is also credited with controlling the seasons and the movement of the stars. That is why Egypt was called in the past (the land of the Nile and Maat). 

Product Specification:

Material : Polyester

Colouring : gilded

Dimensions : 26 cm high

The width is 6 cm

Weight :1.990 kg

Size : Small

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