Tutankhamun Mask - 10 CM

Tutankhamun Mask - 10 CM

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Dimension L : 10.00 W : 5.00 H : 8.00 CM

Product Description

The famous Pharaoh "Tutankhamun" raised controversy as he is one of the rulers of the Eighteenth Dynasty who is considered one of the most famous pharaohs of Egyptian history. This was not due to his achievements in wars, but because of the famous discovery of his complete tomb and treasures. The king’s famous mask is composed of 24 pounds of hammered gold, with lapis lazuli eyeliner, and eyes made up of quartz and obsidian. As a result, Tutankhamun’s mas has since been dubbed the "golden mask".

Product Specification :

Material : Polyester

Colouring : gilded and coloured

Dimensions : 10 cm high

The width is 8 cm

Weight : 0.350 kg

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