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God Thoth (Ibis)


Product Specification :God Thoth (Ibis) A statue of God Thoth who was an ancient Egyptian deity, known as the god of wisdom, writing, science, magic and art, usually depicted in the form of an ibis sitting on a wooden base.Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredHeight: 7 cmThe width is 14 cmLength : 13 cmWeight: 0.485 kg..


Goddess Isis in form of Snake


Product Specification :Isis with Body of Snake A statue of goddesses Isis who was one of the most famous goddesses of the ancient Egyptian religion, and her worship continued until the Greco-Roman eras. Sometimes, she was depicted in the form of a half-woman, half-snake in the Greco-Roman style.Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredHeight: 28 cmT..


Goddess IsIs with Sun Disk


This standing image of the goddess Isis was originally designed as a pendant for a necklace. Isis was the wife of the god osiris and mother of the god Horus. It was discovered in the grave of wenedjbouendjet in the tomb of psusennes I at tanis.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 29 cmWidth : 10 cmHeight : 5 cmWei..


Goddess Maat statue - Small Size


Goddess Maat Maat was the goddess of justice, and truth in ancient Egyptian beliefs who was depicted as a woman with wings on each arm or as a woman with an ostrich feather on her head known as the feather of truth.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : gildedLength : 26 cmWidth : 6 cmHeight : 6 cmWeight : 1.990 ..


Goddess Selket with scorpion


Product Specification :Goddess Selket with scorpion Selket is the goddess of fertility, medicine and healing venomous in ancient Egyptian beliefs, usually depicted as a woman with a scorpion gracing her crown.Material : PolyesterColouring : gilded and colouredDimensions : 39 cm high The width is 30 cmWeight : 0.930 Kg..


Golden Bastet Statue


Product Specification :Goddess Bastet Bastet is one of the famous ancient Egyptian goddesses, known as "the cat goddess" or "the goddess of fertility" and usually depicted as a cat.Material : PolyesterColouring : gildedDimensions : 27 cm highThe width is 14 cmWeight : 2.925 kg..


Golden Egyptian Mummy Coffin


Product Specification :Egyptian mummy coffin A miniature of a royal sarcophagus with a hood carved with a royal figure in the Osiris position, wearing the royal headdress "the Nems", inside it a mummy wrapped in linen ribbons.Material: PolyesterColouring: ColouredLength: 3 cmWidth: 10 cmHeight: 3.5 cmWeight: 0.75 kg..


Golden Scarab


Product Specification :The scarab A gilded scarab is one of the most famous amulets known in ancient Egyptian society to ward off evil and usually depicted as a blue beetle (dung beetle).Material : PolyesterColouring : Gilded and ColouredDimensions : 6 cm is highThe width is 14 cm Weight ::0.405 kg..


Greywacke Triade Statue of Menkaure


Product Specification :Menkaure is the King for whom the smallest of the three pyramids of Giza was built.We are now in front of his Trinity, and it is called this way due to it containing 3 main personages. Here the King is illustrated as not only the King, but as a god and ruler of Egypt.In every triad we find the king accompanied by the goddess ..


Head of a Lion statue


Product Specification :Head of a Lion A gilded lion head statue with blue nose commonly used to decorate the edges of the royal bed of king Tutankhamun to express the strength.Material : PolyesterColouring : GildedDimensions : 16 cm is HighThe width is 9 cmWeight : 0.925 Kg..




Product Specification :Hippopotamus The statue of hippopotamus who was associated with the Nile River and protection and strength in ancient Egyptian beliefs, usually depicted in the form of a blue hippopotamus decorated with indigo plants.Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 10 cmWidth : 22 cmHeight : 9 cmWeight : 0.990 kg..


Horus Necklace


Product Specification :Necklace Horus Pectoral and Necklace of Princess Sithathoryunet bearing Hieroglyphic signs of the king Senwosret II between two falcons (Horus) and ankh symbol. Material : Gold 24K plated copper Colouring : Coloured Length : 30 cm Width : 7 cm..


Horus with Human Form


Product Specification :God Horus with Human Form One of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities known as the god of kingship and sky, usually depicted as a falcon-headed man.Material : PolyesterColouring : Gilded and colouredDimensions : 28 cm highThe width is 8 cmWeight :0.575 kg..

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Icon of Christ


Product Specification : Icon of the Christ A colorful icon depicting the Christ Jesus inside a laurel wreath and a halo of sanctification surrounds his headMaterial : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 45 cmWidth : 45 cm..


Isis Maat Bronze - Large Size


The goddess Maat, the goddess of truth, justice and order in the universe, is represented in the form of a woman whose head is surmounted by an ostrich feather, the symbol of justice. As in this representation, we often find her holding the key to life (Ankh) in one hand and holding the scepter of dominion in her other hand. Sometimes the feather s..

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