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Priest - Small Size


The priest The priest was a high-ranking in ancient Egyptian society, usually depicted with calm features, wearing a wig and a short kilt, seated in a devotional pose.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 22 cmWidth : 9 cmHeight : 13 cmWeight : 2.025 kgSize : Small..


Ram headed Sphinx


It has the body of a lion and the head of a ram that was a symbol of the god Amun. These statues of sphinx were on both sides along the Great Processional way that connected Luxor and Karnak temples, which was used once a year during the Opet festival. Material: Coloured Polyester, Measurements: 21*6*10, Weight: 845 g..


Ramses II and the God Horus Painted


King Ramses II protected by Horus The statue of the god Horus in the form of a falcon standing behind King Ramses II to protect him, while Ramses II as a child with a finger in his mouth and a sun disk on his head.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 10 cmWidth : 9 cmHeight : 3 cmWeight : 0.190 kg..


Ramses Obelisk


The original obelisk which this model copies was discovered at tanis in the delta. During the third intermediate period, Tanis was the residence and burial place of the kings of Egypt. Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 36 cmWidth : 8 cmHeight : 8 cmWeight : 0.850..


Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone The Rosetta Stone is one of the most important Egyptian artifacts. It bears inscriptions in several languages led to the understanding of hieroglyphic writing and Egyptian history...


Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stela with a decree issued in Memphis, Egypt, in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three different scripts: the upper part is written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, the middle part is in hieratic, and the lower part is the ancient Greek. Location: The British Museum (since 1802)Mate..




One of the funerary symbols in ancient Egypt and the keeper of the royal coffins.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterDimensions : 13 cm highThe width is 25 cmWeight :1.145 Kg..


Sphinx Medium


The discovery demonstrates the great influence  of the famous Great Sphinx of Giza. The reason for this similarity in objects is most probably due to the symbolism behind it. Most scholars believe that the Sphinx was a symbol of the power of the ruler, the Pharaoh. In this report, we learn about the different statues and drawings that were created ..


Standing Statue Princess Meritamun


Princess Meritamun Standing Statue Princess Meritamun meaning "beloved Amon" was the daughter of king Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari, who became the great royal wife, after her marriage to Ramesses II. Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : gilded and colouredDimensions : Height of 24cmThe width is 7 cmWeight: 0.565 kg..


Statue of God Hermes


Hermes A statue of the god Hormuz, one of the gods of the Greek Egyptian religion, was known as the "messenger of the gods". He was depicted in the form of a man standing with Greco-Roman features, hairstyle and clothes.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredDimensions : 23 cm is highThe width is 11 cmWeight : 1.680 kg..


statue of Goddess Taweret


Goddess Taweret A statue of God Taweret; the most widely venerated gods in ancient Egypt, known as "the protective goddess for childbirth, pregnant women and fertility", usually depicted in the form of a female hippopotamus standing with lion legs and crocodile tail.Product Specification :Material : Polyester Colouring : colourfulDimensions : Heig..


Statue of Ra-hotep and Nofret


Ra-Hotep & Nofret The statue of Rahotep and his wife Nefert, who were a noble couple from the reign of King Sneferu.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : colourfulDimensions : 21 cm highThe width is 27 cmWeight :3.200 kg..


status of Cow Hathor


Cow Hathor The goddess Hathor was often represented in the form of a cow's head in gold and black color and has two large horns.Product Specification :Material : PolyesterColouring : ColouredLength : 30 cmWidth : 17 cmHeight : 15 cmWeight : 0.615 kg..

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