Islamic Plate - 39x39x4cm

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  • Product Weight: 530 G
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH): 39x39x4cm
  • Material: Wood inlaid with mother of pearl
  • Colour: Multi-colour
The plate is constructed from wood, and the decorative design features floral and geometric patterns made from mother-of-pearl inlay. The center of the plate features a large floral design with petals spreading out towards the rim. Interspersed throughout the floral design are geometric shapes, possibly stars and crescents, which are common motifs in Islamic art. The rim of the plate also features a pattern made from mother-of-pearl inlay. This type of decorative plate is often referred to as damascened work because the technique of inlaying metal or mother-of-pearl into another material originated in Damascus, Syria. These plates were traditionally used for decorative purposes and were sometimes given as gifts.
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