King Khufu Small Statue - 7.5*3*3 cm

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  • A small statue of King Khufu
  • Dimensions: 3 * 3 * 7.5 cm
  • The statue of Khufu is an ancient Egyptian statue, that was found in Kom The Sultan at Abydos, Sohag
  • Depicts Khufu, the most famous king of the Fourth Dynasty (Old Kingdom), and builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza
  • This small, seated figure is the only known full-dimensional model of Khufu< /li>
  • It probably belongs to the late ages of ancient Egypt and not from the time of Khufu.
  • This piece would be a precious gift for your loved ones, as it was crafted by Egyptian hands to be an authentic replica of the original artifact piece, and it comes with an authorized/documented certificate from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities to ensure its quality and authenticity.
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