King Shoshenq II Bracelet - 6*6.5*6 cm

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  • Product Weight: 115 Gram
  • Product Dimensions: (LxWxh) 6*6.5*6
  • Product Material: Copper Gilded with Gold ( 24 Karat) Designed with Natural Stones
  • Colour: Mulit Colored

One of the bracelets found in the tomb of Shoshenq II at Tanis during the Third Intermediate Period, Twenty-second Dynasty, around 887-885 BCE. It bears the shape of the Eye of Horus symbol above the hieroglyphic sign "nb," which represents eternal protection for the king. The original bracelets were made of gold, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and white faience and are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


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