Scarab Bracelet From King Tutankhamun Collection - 6*6.5*6 cm

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  • Product Weight: 75 Gram
  • Product Dimensions: (LxWxh) 6*6.5*6
  • Product Material: Copper Gilded with Gold ( 24 Karat) Designed with Natural Stones
  • Colour: Mulit Colored

Adornments held great importance in ancient Egyptian society, with jewelry being an integral part of their culture and traditions. The scarab beetle was a common piece of jewelry in ancient Egypt, with the color blue symbolizing the sunrise and renewal.

These archaeological pieces reflect the richness of ancient Egyptian culture and the depth of their spiritual and artistic thinking. The original pieces were made of pure gold and adorned with precious stones.

This unique bracelet would make a meaningful gift for someone seeking to connect with the energy of ancient Egypt or a treasured addition to any jewelry collection inspired by mythology and symbolism.


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