The Egyptian Scribe Statue - Fiber Glass - Black - 48*35*50 cm

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  • The Egyptian Scribe
  • Material: Fiber Glass 
  • Weight: 24 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 50 cm Height x 48 cm Width
The statue of the Egyptian scribe or writer sitting cross-legged goes back to the beginning of the Fifth Dynasty, and is one of the original pieces and was found in the Saqqara Necropolis. This statue has been created out of a single block of limestone, which was a popular type of stone that used to come from the area of Al-Maasara today, Tora and Jabal Mokattam in Cairo. The statue represents the Egyptian writer Fu, who is sitting wearing a wig. The face of the statue appears natural and its features are serious and realistic, as if it is attentive to something dictated to him. We notice the direction of the head and the eyes slightly towards the right, thus seeming as if he is listening to someone dictating what he meant to be writing. This statue has been created with the same technique used to make another famous scribe statue known as “The Seated Scribe. With the latter statue, currently at the Louvre Museum, the artist utilized crystal with quartz stone to delineate the whites of the eye, as well as of copper in order to illustrate the khol surrounding the eyes. The scribe here appears to have had a necklace around his neck, but it appears to have been lost over time. The writer is represented in the seated position, with a roll of papyrus in his left hand, and with the right hand clasping what would have been a writing utensil. We can clearly see the artist’s ability to show the details of the fingers, chest, knee, and even the ends of the nails. The artist was skilled enough to create an empty space between the writer's body and his arms, as well as the artist's resourcefulness in highlighting the details in the back of the statue, the shoulder and back areas, and even the elbow details.

This piece would be a precious gift for your loved ones, as it was crafted by Egyptian hands to be an authentic replica of the original artifact piece, and it comes with an authorized/documented certificate from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities to ensure its quality and authenticity.
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Product Length 48
Product Width 35
Product Height 50
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