Tutankhamun Sandals - Papyrus - 9x7x3 cm

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  • Product Weight: 40 G
  • Product Material: Copper Gilded with Gold
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH): 9x7x3 cm
  • Colour: Gold

King Tutankhamun would symbolically trample on his enemies when he wore his sandals. This unique sandals were found on the feet of Tutankhamun’s mummy imitate these palm leaf, grass and papyrus sewn sandals, indicating that they were a favored design. These stunning gold sandals were just one of 42 pairs King Tutankhamun had in his tomb. The golden sandals of Tutankhamun, discovered in his tomb, are rich in symbolism that reflects the king’s status and role in ancient Egyptian society. While the exact meaning behind every detail may not be fully understood, there are some general interpretations based on ancient Egyptian beliefs and cultural context.

The golden material of the sandals itself represents wealth, luxury, and divine association. Gold was highly valued in ancient Egypt and was associated with the sun god Re and the concept of eternal life. By wearing golden sandals, Tutankhamun symbolically connected himself to the divine and emphasized his elevated status as a king.

Additionally, the sandals were an essential part of the king’s regalia, which included various ceremonial items and clothing. As such, they symbolized Tutankhamun’s authority and legitimacy as a ruler. They were likely worn during important religious ceremonies, rituals, or public appearances, further emphasizing his connection to the divine and his role as a mediator between the gods and the people.

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Product Length 9
Product Width 7
Product Height 3
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