Wooden Pulpit Maquette - 40x30x20cm

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  • Product Weight: 870 G
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH): 40x30x20cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Reddish Brown
This intricate maquette showcases a mimbar, a significant element within mosques. Crafted from wood, the miniature captures the rich details often found on mimbars throughout history. The structure features a raised platform, likely accessed by stairs on one side, where the Imam, the Islamic religious leader, would stand to deliver the Friday sermon. Mimbars traditionally served as a functional element but also became increasingly elaborate, showcasing the artistry and design skills of Islamic craftsmen. While the geometric patterns or calligraphy adorning this mimbar might be difficult to discern on the small scale of the maquette, this piece offers a glimpse into the beauty and cultural significance of these important mosque furnishings.
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