Isis Nursing Horus Statue - 9x6x19 cm

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  • Product Weight: 515 g
  • Product Material: Polyester Gilded with Gold Leaf Paper
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH): 9x6x19
  • Colour: Gold

Isis nursing her son Horus is one of the most popular images of this protective goddess. Isis was the sister-wife of Osiris and the birth of their son Horus, then Horus’triumphal avenging of his father. According to this myth Isis was able to revive Osiris after he had been killed by his brother Seth and she became pregnant with their son Horus. After Horus’birth, Isis nurtured her child and protected him from Seth and other dangers. The name Ankhhor was very popular in the period and means “ Horus lives”.

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